Avery's Page

Avery William Koehler
Born 8/16/1996 01:08
8lbs 2oz, 21.5" long

avery&gm.jpg (72154 bytes)
Avery and Great Grandma Lillian
(Avery loves her cane!)

AVERY012.jpg (29560 bytes)
Avery's first airplane made by
Grandpa Dick.

avery014.jpg (16943 bytes)

"All done"

averybd1.jpg (17095 bytes)

AVERY04.JPG (21573 bytes)
Avery and Zerox.
The hat came from Poland.

Avery06.jpg (9676 bytes)
Avery and Grandma Erna

AVERYOM.JPG (8296 bytes)
Copyright 1997 Olan Mills.
Used with permission.

avery107.jpg (31303 bytes)
Avery's first horse ride at grandma Ruth's.

Time for work.

"May I help you?"

cousins.jpg (25371 bytes)
Avery with his cousins, Jon and Ian.

Avery at Merymere Falls.

"My daddy made this from scratch!
It is so much fun."


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