About Notepad

This web page was designed with Microsoft Notepad. Notepad is Microsoft Corporations full featured, no frills, down and dirty text editor. Notepad is much improved over it's predecessor, Edlin. For those die-hard's still using Edlin, Notepad comes standard with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

About the Webcam:

The hardware consisted of a Connectix Quickcam connected to my computer. I am using the software that came with the camera to auto-update the image every 15 seconds, providing I am not using my computer for something else.

Max (Maxwell Edison) is a rare Red Throated Conure from Central America. I have had max for over 20 years before he died on 9/4/2001.

About Sheldon

Sheldon, well, we really have nothing to say... he's Sheldon...

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